Application materials

1. To apply for registration of the name of the enterprise, to provide a copy of business license, and a copy of the business license should be stamped with official seal;

2. To apply for registration under the individual name, the need to provide a copy of personal identity card and individual business license business copy, individual business license business license to be stamped with official seal;

3. To provide trademark, text or drawings, you need to protect the color, you also need to provide color drawings;

4. Provide registered goods / services items, according to the applicant's self-employed goods or services. Refer to the tenth edition of The International Classification of Goods and Services for the Registration of Trademarks (Nice Classification) and the Trademark Office's Similar Goods and Services Schedules modified in accordance with the above International Classification;

5. Provide the official seal or signature of Letter of Attorney for Trademark Agency, the letter of attorney can be downloaded from this website. In particular, the address on the Letter of Attorney for Trademark Agency shall be exactly the same as the registered address on the business license.


Matters needing attention

Use this column should note the following:

①Each category is classified according to the international classification of goods and services in trademark registration. Each registered trademark is a trademark. Every trademark and any application for registration shall be deemed to be an application, and a set of applications shall be submitted separately and the expenses shall be paid separately.

②To be submitted did not specify the number of copies of the documents, if the "specific requirements" and "no attention matters" column also announcement as to how many copiest, it should be considered 1 type 1.

The commodity that must be applied for the trademark is tobacco.

The natural person handles the trademark registration application notice:

In accordance with the provisions of article 4 of the Trademark Act of the People's Republic of China, if a natural person who is engaged in the production, manufacture, processing, selection, distribution of goods or services shall apply for registration of the trademark with the Trademark Office if it need the right to exclusive use of a trademark. In the name of a natural person to apply for the registration of trademarks, transfer and other matters, in addition to submit in accordance with relevant regulations about the Application for Trademark Registration, trademark design and other materials, should also pay attention to the following matters:

1. Individual industrial and commercial households can register with the Individual Business License as the name of the applicant to apply for trademark registration, it also can apply for trademark registration in the name of the person in charge of the registration of the license. A copy of the following materials should be submitted in the name of the person in charge.

 Identity card of the person in charge;

 business licence;

2. Rural contracted business households may apply for trademark registration in the name of their contracting contractor, and a copy of the following materials shall be submitted:

 Contractor id;


3. Other natural persons legally permitted to engage in business activities, with its operators published in the registration document issued by the relevant administrative authorities in the name of the application for trademark registration, the application must submit a copy of the following materials:

 Operator's identity card;

 Registration documents issued by the competent administrative authorities.

4. The scope of goods and services for which a natural person applies for trademark registration shall be limited to the scope of business approved by the business license or the relevant registration document, or within the scope of its own agricultural and sideline products.

5. The Trademark Office shall not accept the application for trademark registration which does not conform to the fourth article of the Trademark Act and notify the applicant in writing.

Where the applicant provides false materials and obtains the registration of the trademark, the Trademark Office shall revoke the registered trademark.

6. Where an application for the assignment of a trademark is made, the assigner shall be a natural person, and shall be handled in accordance with the aforesaid matters.


Review requirements

The substantive review is the examination conducted by the trademark authorities in order to determine whether the registered trademark has the conditions for registration. The contents of the examination include the following aspects:

1. Whether the trademark is significant.

2. Whether the trademarks are the same and similar.

3. Whether the trademark violates the prohibited clause.

4. 4. Does the trademark have any other applicants first? If there are two or more than two applicants, in the same kind of goods or similar goods, with the same or similar trademarks on the same day for registration, and the application materials shall comply with the relevant provisions of the Trademark Office, notify each applicant institutions or their agents submit proof of use of the notice. The applicant should provide proof of use of trademark in 30 days prior to use as a prior application.