1. Patent Applications

To apply for a patent, the applicant should submit a patent application to the State Intellectual Property Office. When filing a patent application, the necessary application documents shall be submitted and the relevant fees shall be paid as required. At the same time, patent applications may be in written or electronic form.

2. Acceptance of the Patent Office

After the applicant has submitted the patent application, the patent office shall fix the patent application date, give the application number and issue a notice of acceptance.

3. The preliminary review

Upon receipt of the application, the Patent Office will conduct a preliminary review of the patent application. Upon completion of the preliminary review, it shall be published within 18 months from the date of application.

The results of the preliminary review are:

Applying for a patent is an invention patent. After the initial examination of qualified, the applicant will be granted a patent; preliminary review failed, the applicant should be corrected. If the correction is qualified,the applicant will be granted the patent, the amendment is still unqualified,the applicant will be rejected the patent applicant's application;

If the application patent is a utility model or a design patent. After the preliminary review, it will enter a substantive review; If the initial examination fails, the applicant should make up the application, the amendment will also enter the substantive review, the correction is still unqualified will reject the application;

4. Substantive review

Utility model or design patent application preliminary examination is qualified or after the correction application is qualified, the Patent Office initiated a substantive review of the patent application. The substantive review is mainly to evaluate the novelty, creativity and practicability of the patent.

If the substantive review is qualified, the patent office will grant the patent for the utility model or the design patent of the application. If the applicant fails, the applicant shall modify the application document accordingly. If the patent right is qualified, the applicant will be granted; If the patent right is unqualified, the patent application will be rejected.

5. Grant of a patent

After receiving the notice of granting the patent right, the applicant needs to register. The applicant shall pay the patent registration fee, annual fee and announcement printing fee within the prescribed time limit. At the same time should also pay the patent certificate stamp duty. After the applicant has gone through the formalities of registration, the patent certificate can be obtained.